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    Hey guys,

    This is a quick post explaining through one of the most simple prints that we made during the Kickstarter campaign. The design goal of the print was to have individually addressable LEDs to back-light each letter of a 3D printed WIRED logo.

    Here is a circuit diagram explaining how the charlieplexing circuit is setup - dead simple. A great explanation of what charlieplexing is and how to design/control it can be found here.


    So I've had a lot of background in architecture and Mechanical design based CAD (such as AutoCAD, SolidWorks etc.). I'm very comfortable with a particular package named Vectorworks and because it doesn't matter how you generate artwork - as long as you get an image file, I made mine using polygons in Vectorworks. See below for how I set out the layout of the tracks.
    Note that for this design I used 0603 LEDs and 0805 resistors - mostly because that's what was handy.

    Lastly I made up a simple model of the WIRED logo to 3D print in clear ABS and sit over the top of the circuit (after painting over the extruded sections in black). If you're interested, I printed this using a heavily modified Solidoodle Gen 2.


    I've attached a 600DPI version of the image, perfect for printing with the Argentum control software as well as an stl of the WIRED logo already oriented for printing.

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