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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Joe, Jan 27, 2015.

  1. Joe


    Using a 2012 MBP with OSX 10.9.

    It switches off unexpectedly:
    (as if power button was held down)
    In the following 2 situations:

    1) When the Argentum is connected to the USB and is then powered on.
    2) When the Argentum is powered up first and then connected, the shutdown happens after about 5 minutes.

    Anyone else come across this?

    Information would be appreciated.
    All software and firmware is up to date

  2. Rob

    Rob Chief Problem Wrangler Staff Member

    Hey Joe.
    Sounds like it could possibly be a faulty cable causing a short. Try unplugging the RGB and internal white lights as well as the fans from the motherboard then connect over usb again. If this solves the problem, start connecting cables until the issue reoccurs. For help with identifying which cable is which check out from p.152 of the assembly guide at:

    Let me know how you go so we can get this sorted.
  3. Joe


    Hey Rob thanks. Sorry for the delay, So I followed your instructions this morning and it still spikes with all those cables detached.
    So having machine and MBP on at the same time takes just under 4 min to spike the laptop off.
    Having machine on and plugged in and then firing up the laptop does achieve a connection but then the laptop spikes off again in the same amount of time.
    Again plugged to the running laptop and then firing it up spikes the laptop immediately.
    Could it be a USB short?
    Should I unplug everything from the motherboard and start the elimination process?
    Should I expect a new motherboard?
    Thanks for your help
  4. Ariel

    Ariel Staff Member

    Hey Joe, can I get you to email so we can go through some troubleshooting steps together? This is fascinating because we've never seen this fault before. I want to get to the bottom of it.

    For anyone else reading this post later, if I haven't remembered to post the solution just bump the thread up.

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