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  1. I'm normally a linux guy, and not so familiar with all of the USB stuff these days under Windows 7.

    I have an HP laptop running Windows 7, which I'm going to use with my Argentum until such time as the linux software is released.

    I got my electronics assembled, and when I plug my Argentum into the laptop, I get an "Unknown device". The instructions don't mention installing any drivers, but my recollection is that this is typically required.

    The Unknown device has a VID of 2341 and a PID of 0042. VID 2341 corresponds to Arduino, so the board is being recognized.

    What .inf file (or other procedure) do I need to follow to get the serial port driver installed?
  2. It seems that if I install Arduino 1.0.5 then it will install the correct drivers for the ARC software to talk to the Argentum.
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    Yeah, sorry about that. A few people have had that problem, and we're updating the instructions and software to fix it. For others that are looking for the solution in the mean time:

    If you cannot find the printer in the list of devices, it is most likely because you need to download and install drivers for the printer. Unfortunately we missed this out in our instructions, our apologies for that. You can download the drivers from this link: http://fast.cartesianco.com/drivers/drivers.zip

    You need to follow these steps to install the drivers:
    Download and extract the drivers from http://fast.cartesianco.com/drivers/drivers.zip
    Make sure your printer is plugged into your computer
    Go to the control panel
    Click on Hardware and Sound
    Click on Device Manager
    Under "Other Devices" in the device manager you should be able to see an Unknown Device
    Right click on this and go to Update Driver Software
    In the window that comes up choose the second option - "Browse my computer for driver software"
    Click the Browse button and browse to the location of the drivers you have downloaded.
    Click Next

    The drivers should then be installed for you. You will then need to reopen the software and then you should be able to see the device in the device list.

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