Unable to return to Starting Print position

Discussion in 'Community Support' started by Kenneth Lim, Jan 21, 2015.

  1. Any updates on when the "Return to starting position" feature will be fixed?

    Just like it was mentioned on other threads:

    1.) The Home button is causing the printbed to park back to the bottom left position and not the print start position

    2.) Conductivity is not as mentioned (1kohm). The one we measured here is 300~500kOhm
  2. Rob

    Rob Chief Problem Wrangler Staff Member

    Hey Kenneth

    1.) The intention of the Home button is for the printhead to return to the bottom left position to get out of the way. Using the latest version of the software with the GUI means that the position of the print is hardcoded into the .hex file. Try dragging an image directly on the print area, positioning as desired, then go File > Print and see how you go. You should be able to do multiple layers easily this way.

    2.) Can you give me some more details on this? How many layers, what substrate, did you use Ascorbic or Ascorbic+?


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