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  1. Hi Guys,
    Great concept! Just what is needed!
    I see you have listed a resolution of 600 DPI which is great. For PCB design I need to know what the minimum trace width and spacing you can print. What is the repeatability spec for the printer (print tolorence wise).

    Thanks! and good luck!

  2. Michael Reed

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    Hey Bob,

    Thanks for your question! Great to see people using the forum.

    We're currently prototyping some upgrades to the original prototypes that were featured in our Kickstarter. Those original prototypes could repeatedly achieve a minimum gap width of 0.6mm and the thinnest track was designed as 0.2mm. This allows you to print components such as 0603, SOIC, SOT23 to name a few. We also printed a TSSOP footprint but we were lucky because the centre pins of the chip were connected in the design so it made it a bit easier.

    The biggest barriers to improving this seemed to be stability in the print-head and the chemical make-up of the ink (mostly water content). To improve this before we ship, we are redesigning the linear bearing system, tweaking acceleration profiles, maximum velocities etc in the print code and performing lots of tests on different ink compositions.

    We're confident this will increase the resolution to easily print TSSOP components (0.635mm pitch spacing implying approximately 0.2-0.3mm gap width) and hopefully a little smaller. We will make blog posts, forum posts and update this page of the wiki as we determine the final resolution capabilities.

    Feel free to ask for more specifics, hope that cleared up most of your question though.


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