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  1. I apologize if this question has been asked before but what impedances are you typically getting per layer of silver? IOW, how many layers do you need to meet the same resistance as say 1 ounce copper foil (34.1 ┬Ám)?
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    Hey Cativo, the resistance per layer is highly dependant on substrate type (specifically smoothness), but it's also nonlinear and a bunch of other things that makes the question hard to answer directly. But!:

    We usually print 10+ layers on paper, 5-7 layers on FR4, and 3-5 layers on kapton in order to get around the same as 1/2 Oz copper.

    Fabric requires the most number of layers. With the tests we've done it's like 25+ layers to get a decent conductivity, but it's not 1/2 Oz.

    What are you shooting for?
  3. Thanks for replying. I don't have a particular target or requirement in mind. I just wanted to make sure the conductivity was there since I've had some bad experiences with those silver trace pens (100+ ohms in just 4 inches). 1/2 ounce copper conductivity on fr4 woukd be great! Thanks again.

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