Swapping stepper motor direction

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  1. I decided to swap the direction of my stepper motor, since I didn't like the noises I was hearing when the software tries to drive it in the wrong direction (even with the 0.14 firmware).

    The stepper motors are bi-polar, so you only have to swap the wires for one of the coils to get the stepper to go in the other direction.

    I attached photos of my Y-axis connector before and after (I swapped the yellow and blue wires).
    I used the T3 bit (smallest torx bit) that came with the screwdriver kit to press down on the small metal tab (I took a separate photo of what the metal clip looks like when it's removed from the housing). You need to very gently pull on the wire while pressing the metal tab down. Once the tab is under the plastic, you should be able to pull it all the way out. I released both wires (just remove the first wire enough that the tab is captured inside the housing), then gently pull out both wires, swap and re-insert. Make sure that you reinsert the wire far enough for the metal-tab to catch again.

    Now when I calibrate, both axis say (+CW STD) - previously, my Y-axis said (-CW INV), and if I leave the head in the home position, it now does the slow moves in the correct direction.

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  2. I've found I've had to do the same thing. We were doubting ourselves and only tried this when nothing else seemed to work. But it did solve the problem of the machine running into endstops.

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