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  1. MJU


    Maybe I missed something, but is there a silkscreen cartridge shipped with the printer?

    I've read on the wiki that the same care must be used for the silkscreen cartridge as for the other ones.
    I'm curious... (and anxious) ;)
  2. Michael Reed

    Michael Reed Staff Member

    Hey MJU,

    Sorry I missed your post until now, we had a brief explosion of spam and I must have overlooked this in the torrent.

    We're hopefully looking to include a 'silkscreen cartridge' with the experimenters kits ordered through Kickstarter but we're not intending to include one with the standard model. That being said, we won't have to modify the cartridges at all so they will be very inexpensive from our web store and it may even be more economical for some overseas buyers to source a cartridge from your local office supply store (they sell compatible models at many office supply chains in Australia - I assume it would be similar in many other places). Brand new genuine name brand cartridges in a single quantity from one of these stores costs around $46USD here in Australia, our cartridges will be a *lot* cheaper than this because we'll order them refilled and in bulk from overseas - the exact value will depend on how much we can haggle down our suppliers.

    We are working on creating our own inks to include with these cartridges in the future that can help to bond better and maybe even act as insulators or dielectrics but for now they are just cartridges filled with standard inkjet black ink. The same care must be taken with all the cartridges to ensure that the nozzles don't dry out and begin to clog. This simply means capping them when not in use, *never* mixing up the caps so you're not mixing chemicals on the nozzle plate and generally just treating with reasonable care.

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