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  1. So I attempted my first print on canvas paper because I wanted to solder to it. After printing 4 layers, I metered for conductivity and got nothing. I printed 2 more layers and still no conductivity. I'm wondering if there is a way to verify that both of my cartridges are firing properly. I see references to a nozzle test but dont know how to activate it. If my Ascorbic cartridge is not firing would the result on my paper still be dark grey / black or is that color an indication that the chemical reaction is happening?
  2. You could try a print with only one cartridge, and then try a print with only the other cartridge.
    You should be able to tell if there is liquid coming out (when printing on paper) even if the other matrial isn't present to react with.
  3. Michael Reed

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    Voltmaster, unfortunately the nozzle test page doesn't exist (but will soon) which runs you through how to print a test pattern that verifies all nozzles are firing. The easiest way to see if your cartridge is firing at all just now is to print something simple with only the single cartridge installed onto some std paper - then heat the paper up, this will decompose either chemical (silver or ascorbic) and come out brown so you can see it.

    Another thing to keep in mind is that if you are using an ascorbic+ cartridge, the conductivity will not decrease significantly until you pull the print out and run it under some tap water. This will remove the crystallizing inhibitor in the print and allow the silver to partially sinter at room temperature.

    Silver nitrate can act to stain any natural materials like the canvas paper so if your print is looking very dark it will probably be one of:
    - using ascorbic+ will make some prints quite dark until sintered.
    - cartridges out of alignment
    - ascorbic not printing.
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    When printing on porous materials (like paper) you should use ascorbic, not ascorbic+. When we print on canvas paper, we usually print 10 layers and then check if the conductivity is good enough and go from there.

    Mike's right with the way to test that both cartridges are working. Print with only one in and then heat the printed area with a hot air gun (a hair drier may work, I've never tried it). The ink will turn brown if it's there. This works with both inks.
  5. So what range of resistance should I expect for Canvas paper. Now that Ive gotten my machine aligned, I printed a test circuit with some fairly thin traces and across the 1" length of them and I'm measuring a resistance of 50kohms, which seems somewhat high.
  6. Ariel

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    How many layers resulted in 50k?
  7. Michael Reed

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