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Discussion in 'Community Support' started by AdamF, Dec 9, 2014.

  1. I am at page 165, steps 57-60, where it has me tuning the stepper motors by adjust the trim pots. When powered, the printer emits a high pitched noise from the motors. Entering the 'stest' command has no effect; nothing prints out in the console and there is no activity from the printer. When adjusting the trim pots, there is a pitch shift in the noise but still no movement. The x-axis motor is getting slightly warm, but the y-axis is not noticeably warmer.
    Are these single turn pots? The noise pattern suggests they would be, but there is no noticeable beginning or end on the pots other than the noise frequency going up/down, and they spin freely. We've adjusted them in both directions while entering 'stest' and all we've gotten is a repeating pattern of frequency shifts as they're turned and no movement or signs of attempted movement from the motors.
    I've also noticed that the x-axis motor wire harness seems to be flipped (from top plugged in it is black, green, blue, red), but from other posts I've read it seems like this isn't really a problem.

    I am running the windows (W7 32bit) version of ArC, and used XLoader to update the firmware to the newest version as of 2014-12-08 (0.15.1+20141116). I know the printer and ArC are communicating to some degree because the reset command is sent on startup and 'volt' returns the voltage.
    Thanks for any help

    - Discovered that running the calibration command got the motors turning, so I trimmed the voltage while it was doing that. It seems the stest command isn't working on my setup?
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  2. Michael Reed

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    Hey Adam,

    I'll check with our software developer but he may have made stest redundant in one of the latest software updates. Honestly I prefer using the calibration function anyway because it allows you to verify that the motors can easily engage each limit switch and traverse the full extent of both axes at each extreme of the other (sorry for confusing wording). It just takes longer which is why we suggested stest instead. If you're happy with using the calibration command, I'm sure you're going fine.

    Thanks for letting us know and if you run into anything else like this, hit us up so we can roll it out into the next release of the instructions.
  3. Ariel

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    AdamF, thanks for the detailed report, we're going to try to recreate some of the issues we've been seeing with the new firmware soon.

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