Missing assembly instructions for Cartridge Clamp?

Discussion in 'Community Support' started by Dave Hylands, Sep 18, 2014.

  1. I've got a cartridge clamp which is presumably supposed to be fastened to the head.

    There are assembly instructions for building the cartridge clamp, and I see for the pogo-pin protector, but I'm not seeing anything for attaching the cartridge clamp to the head.
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  3. Michael Reed

    Michael Reed Staff Member

    Hey Dave,

    Sorry, you're right, putting the cartridge clamp on isn't in the assembly instructions at the moment - I'll get on that.

    Putting it on backwards is actually how it was intended to be assembled (at least for this revision). This is purely because getting bolts that long, it's very expensive to find lengths that aren't in 5mm increments. The next size up poked out the side and looked quite ungainly.

    In the end, I just said screw it - it doesn't need to take any transverse force, I'll just put the nut on backwards and it will look flush with no bolt poking out. I haven't decided whether or not to swap back to the longer bolt - how much of a pain was it to put the nut on backwards for you (I often prime the nylon first by screwing it onto the bolt the correct way before inserting it into the carriage).

    Good effort working that out though, haha.
  4. I wound up "priming" it like you described. It's definitely more difficult than putting on the normal way, but not too bad. The real secret is to hold the nut square to the bolt. I found it easier to hold the nut with a regular pair of pliers.
  5. Michael Reed

    Michael Reed Staff Member

    Ironically, that's one situation that the spanner 'cap' piece would actually come in handy (the extraneous piece you mentioned in another thread). I'll take another look at swapping out for a longer bolt in mk 1.1 to make it easier but look a bit uglier.
  6. Mike ... my experience so far includes the above. I am not impressed that the lack of assembly docs has been know for months? and not corrected as of 3 days ago when I downloaded them. My mood is a bit dark at the moment.
  7. Michael Reed

    Michael Reed Staff Member

    Hey Terry,

    Yes, it has been known for a few months but unfortunately we're only a very small company at the moment and my focus these past few months has been nothing but getting printers and kits packaged and sent out.

    I understand it's not ideal but if you ever have any troubles I'm happy to help straight away even if the full instructions can't be changed so quickly.

    PS I'm just going through your support ticket now - I'm just back from some time off with the family for Christmas.
  8. Thanks for such quick replies (to the other thread also), it raises my impression of the company.

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