Leaking ascorbic cartridges? (in sealed bag)

Discussion in 'Community Support' started by thevoltmaster, Feb 15, 2015.

  1. So I have a new problem with my ascorbic and ascorbic + cartridges. 3 of them leaked while i was storing them, one of which was still sealed in its bag from the factory. I remember at one point it was mentioned that some of the initial batch of ascorbic cartridges were over filled which was causing droplets on the print as the head shook and I wonder if this is a similar issue as these cartridges were less used (or completely unused)

    Anyway, Wondering if anyone else has seen this, and if theres any suggestions for dealing with this. I'm really hesitant to refrigerate bags of chemicals, especially if they leak......
    I'm assuming these cartridges are ruined and I should just throw them out.
    I'm attaching some pictures including one of the puddles of cartridge liquid in the still sealed bag. IMG_6583.JPG.jpeg IMG_6581.JPG.jpeg
  2. I would not assume the cartridges to be bad. Certainly they need wiped clean on the outside. I see no reason to think they would not print.
  3. I opened up the sealed cartridges to inspect. One of them appears to be leaking thru the circular sticker at the bottom of the cartridge. In attempting to clean it, it just leaked more. I'm hesitant to put these in my machine for fear of contaminating the silver side of my machine with residue from the ascorbic. The plastic on the leaking cartridges looks quite torn up. Is there a way I can return these defective cartridges?
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    Hey Voltmaster
    Can you lodge a support ticket for this at: http://www.cartesianco.com/support/
    Then we can get you some replacement cartridges ASAP. If they continue to leak just throw them out..
    The overfilled cartridges don't tend to mix will with the pressure differential on the plane and then bad things happen. Apologies for that
  5. Thanks, Emailed support and got this sorted out right away. Now to try a test print with one of my still OK cartridges.
  6. I'm having a similar problem with my ascorbic cartridge. The bag had some leaked liquid. I cleaned that up and wiped off the cartridge. When I loaded it into the printer, it was still leaking. It leaves a little puddle on the paper when I insert it. I think its coming from the sticker, not the print heads.

    IMG_2871.jpg IMG_2872.jpg
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    Great side on picture, too bad about the leaking though :D

    Two things this could be:
    1. The ascorbic cartridges were manufactured a little too full of ink (can you blame us for wanting to send you as much ink as possible?) and therefore leak a little when squeezed. The solution is to 'milk' them a little by squeezing the sides together until a couple of mL of ink come out.
    2. The cartridge could actually be leaky and is therefore faulty. If you think this is the case email support@cartesianco.com with a photo, description, and address to post a replacement one to.

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