Isn't it july yet?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by MJU, Jul 24, 2014.

  1. MJU


    I've been looking at this forum for ages to find out when the printers are set free to the world.

    The website still maintains july 2014 as the release date, but I can't see any progress?
    I don't use Twitter nor Facebook (yes, people like me still exist).

    Can you please give an update on the shipping of the printers?
    How are things with the addons? The Print-O-Scope?
    Will the printers be able to generate double sided PCB's?
    You've promised an somewhat larger build area? Is this implemented?

    I'm looking forward to some news! ;-)
  2. MJU


    No reply in almost two weeks...
    Too bad..
  3. Edwin Prasad

    Edwin Prasad Staff Member

    Hi MJU,
    My name is Edwin one of the Electrical Engineering Interns at Cartesian Co.
    We apologise for taking so long getting back to you, ironically we saw your first post just before you sent out your second message.
    I acknowledge that Twitter and Facebook may not be your choice of social media usage, however most of our updates are mainly posted on there.
    You can still read twitter feeds without actually having to sign up. Here is our Twitter page which may be handy if you ever need a quick update.

    As I have a bit of time now, I can briefly update you and any other members reading this as to where we are now in terms of shipping.
    Funny thing is anything that could have gone wrong, has gone wrong and that has essentially delayed our progress in shipping towards our July date. We also updated our Kickstarter backers on this in our update that can be viewed here.

    We are legitimately close to shipping in about a weeks time which is very exciting after the hard work the team has done in making everything possible since it's inception, so hang in there!!!

    To follow up your questions:
    - No more development has been made on the Print-O-Scope, however this is next on our to-do-list.
    - The double sided PCB's are something we will be able to do and we think that we have a trick up our sleeves that may be easy to get them working however we are still testing this trick and will update further when progress is made. ;)
    - 103.5mm x 172mm is approximately the current build area.
    - The substrates that are shipping with the printer are 100mm x 150mm, so they will nicely fit into the printable area.

    On a lighter note, the crew at Cartesian Co, myself included would be interested in finding out what cool designs and uses you'll have for the printer when it arrives? Let us know :)

    Cheers Edwin

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