Is the conductive ink water soluble or permanent?

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  1. When you mentioned about printing onto fabric, the thought is whether fabric can be washable after the printing? It is preferable that the ink stays. Can you please comment which of the following type is the ink?

    1. Water resistant : a few drop of sprinkle water doesn't dissolve the ink.
    2. Water proof : Submerged into water and the ink will not dissolved.
    3. Washable : Subjected to detergent and the ink stays on.
  2. Ariel

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    4. None of the above ^_^

    The ink itself is water soluble, given that it is mostly water, but once the two inks combine a chemical reaction happens which forms solid sliver.

    The silver is what's left over when the liquid part of the ink dries, and at that point the silver is basically a powder. It sticks to things as well as rubbing a fine powder onto anything would.

    Let me be clear: printing onto fabric is highly experimental. We haven't tested it thoroughly, so I can't speak to exactly how well it will hold up over time. Something on our todo list is to test printing on microfibre and then sealing the print with a light glue or some other kind of low viscosity sealant.

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