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Discussion in 'Community Support' started by Christian Dannesboe, Jan 30, 2015.

  1. Hi,

    I am working on my first print, but get funny results.

    When I print the Nozzle Test everything seems fine, but when printing LED_light I get a somewhat unexpected result.

    It is as if the image is squeezed, but I cannot explain why.

    I can run the calibration without any trouble, so the X and Y direction works fine. If the X-direction was somehow to slow I might get a print like that?

    With the Nozzle Test working fine, I believe the Y-direction is not the issue.

    Any ideas?


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  2. Johns

    Johns Staff Member

    Hey Christian,

    I've had this happen in the past when the printer doesn't move in the x axis. Most often it's because the printer thinks its carriage is up against a wall so doesn't move it. Are you running the latest revision of the software? We released a new update a few days ago. Also are you printing using the GUI? Or transferring your file over the SD card and positioning the carriage manually?
  3. Hi Johns

    You are quite right. The printer thinks it is at its end of the x-axis. Also I get the error message: unable to move below zero-point on x-axis (or similar).

    If I ask the printer to move to the middle of the plate and then start the print, it will print as desired. It is printing in the opposite direction. I think the print is inverted, prints right to left.


    Whenever I run the calibrate routine I get the message that X-axis and Y-axis is inverted. I guess that is the reason for the inverted print.

    I can see on the forum that I can swap some wires to the stepper to correct this issue, but also I see that an attempt to correct for this is made in the software. The calibration states “X-axis flipped, Y-axis flipped”. After I run the calibrate routine, the software corrects and movement is as intended. Maybe this correction is not done in prints, but only when the software moves the printhead around?

    Should I try to swap the wires to fix the direction of the steppers, or should a software solution be possible?

  4. Johns

    Johns Staff Member

    Hey Christian,

    Sorry to hear you're still having the problem. You should definitely be able to fix it in software. Are you using ARC 0.16.1? If not I'd give that a try. We use stepper motors from different suppliers and some of them are wired to rotate in different directions by default. The point of the calibration routine is to figure out which type are in the printer. Also the printer should be printing from front to back, right to left.
  5. Trent Waddington

    Trent Waddington Staff Member

    The lines above and below (that kind of look like ink dripping down the page, but aren't) are what we've been called "stranding". The 0.16.3 update has a "fix" which we're testing that appears to make this go away.. but we'd love to hear if it works as well for you as it does for us.

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