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  1. I am not sure I understand the various file formats used by the Argentum. Please correct me if I am wrong in the following:

    I can import .png images as long as they are 600 dpi. Any photoshop software that can save in this format can be used to make prints.

    As the printer does not take .png files directly, other stuff (such as location on the bottom plate) is included in a .layout format. This format it handed by the GUI.

    The actual format that is handled by the printer is .hex files.

    When printing the software converts the loaded .layout file to .hex format and write it to the SD card.

    Once on the SD card the printer is asked to print it.
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    Hey Christian. Spot on.
    • All supported image types are png, xpm, jpg, svg, bmp. We're working on supporting more types right now. You can also export as an image file from many CAD packages such as Eagle.
    • The layout files just store location and resize information. Later they will also store rotation and layer information.
    • The "hex" files contain a processed image which is a translation of bitmap data to nozzle firings and motor movement. This is what is on the SD card.

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