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Discussion in 'Community Support' started by Kenneth Lim, Jan 21, 2015.

  1. Hello team,

    Here's my feedback after helping to setup the printer

    1.) The roller mechanism is rather crudely aligned and is definitely slanted

    2.) Disabling the "Servo Calibration" is simply a one line change in the UI and should be done to avoid confusion until the feature is truly available

    3.) Documentation should be updated or rather tested with and entirely new setup each time to make sure what is mentioned can be done by the user on the same end.

    4.) Error messages should be handled by the software more gracefully instead of throwing it at the users

    5.) The STOP button should seriously stop the machine like an emergency stop concept. When i used it for the first time and did not calibrate with the motors moving in the reverse direction, the machine continually jammed and unpowering should have resolved the issue. However, unplugging the USB cable did that and STOP button failed on me.

    6.) The "motor flipped" configuration should be saved in a local config file instead of having the user to manually "calibrate" each time in order for the Application to know that's the setting.

    Happy to help and look forward to your reply!
  2. Rob

    Rob Chief Problem Wrangler Staff Member

    I'm completely onboard with everything...

    1.) I don't think this should be a major issue, but I'll follow it up and keep you in the loop.
    2.) Lodged on Github. Thanks!
    3.) We are doing a document review in the next week - We really dropped the ball on this with the changes that happened batch 1 to 2 to 3.
    4.) Lodged on Github.
    5.) Lodged on Github.
    6.) Lodged on Github.

    We genuinely appreciate the feedback. Keep it coming!

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