FANs and white LED strip not turning on

Discussion in 'Community Support' started by Erik de Bruijn, Jan 23, 2015.

  1. I'm not sure when these should turn on, but I would expect that at least lighting up the work space would be intended.
    We initially thought that they might be wired incorrectly, but from the printer command list we found the "pwm pin value" command. With "pwm 8 255" we can at least light it up. With "pwm 7 255" and "pwm 9 255" we're turning on the cooling fans.
    !save has no influence in the fan's on init.

    Any comments or suggestions?
  2. Rob

    Rob Chief Problem Wrangler Staff Member

    Hey Erik. I'm completely onboard - having to do this manually is a pain. The next version of the software (which should be released in the next few days) will have GUI light and fan control.

    The fans are generally only necessary for extreme temperatures, like in Australia! Right now the plan is for them to default to "off".
  3. Thanks for the reply. Hopefully the white LEDs can be Enabled by default! Always best to see the workpiece.

    Also a "Print" button in the UI would make sense (not just in the menu). If you have pause then Print also makes sense.
  4. Trent Waddington

    Trent Waddington Staff Member

    The print button will return in version 0.15.3 (i.e., it's back in git right now.)

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