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  1. And by the way I was able to calibrate but I got something like this in GUI:

    Argentum Control, Version 0.15.1+20150120
    Printer is running: 0.16.0+20150107
    Update exception.
    HTTP Error 403: Forbidden
    +Calibration beginning.
    +X axis, a motor, + direction, CW motor (+CW STD)
    +Y axis, b motor, + direction, CW motor (+CW STD)
    +Found A = X
    +Found + = -
    +Found B = Y
    +Found + = -
    +X axis, a motor, + direction, CW motor (-CW INV)
    +Y axis, b motor, + direction, CCW motor (-CW INV)
  2. Yesterday we finally finished "Zilver", our Argentum. Zilver is "Silver" in Dutch.

    The mechanical stuff worked well, although there was a lot of peeling of foil, lot of searching for parts but the design is really nice once you're starting to put assemblies together. That's when it's starting to look like a printer!

    After a time consuming but otherwise smooth assembly, the software part was more challenging. The software kept trying to update and said it wasn't up to date. Even uploading the latest version from (which was 0.14 at the time) didn't solve the problem. It kept complaining that the firmware was old. We noticed that X and Y axes were swapped and the printer didn't respond consistently. Buttons that were supposed to move X moved Y, even though the console displayed that an X move was requested (sent over serial to the machine). Finally, a 0.15.1 firmware update seems to solve this.

    I used Mac OS X but hadn't been able to find the 0_15_1 firmware hex file until I downloaded the Windows version's ZIP file. In that zip file the hex file existed. Given that I had found a windows laptop I used XLoader as well, as people seemed to have more luck with that.
    I had to use windows and the XLoader to reflash the firmware. I also go "Printer not responding" in several occasions. Plugging in the printer before and after turning it on allowed me to connect. So we're excited to take a next step!

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