Connection problem with ARC software and Arduino

Discussion in 'Community Support' started by Dave Hylands, Sep 17, 2014.

  1. I discovered an issue and a workaround for connecting between the ARC software and the arduino (running on Windows 7).

    To reproduce:
    1 - Get successfully connected to the Argentum
    2 - While connected (button says disconnet), pull the USB cable and plug it back in.
    3 - I can now press disconnect, but I can't reconnect.

    The only way I can get reconnected is to make sure that I plug in the USB cable while the button says connect, and then I can press connect and get connected.

    If I plug the USB cable in when it says disconnect, I have to click disconnect (so the button says connect) and then unplug and replug the USB cable in order to connect.

    The workaround is to make sure that the button says connect when I plug the USB cable in.
  2. Michael Reed

    Michael Reed Staff Member

    I'll post the bug in the ArC Github - another one that we have found is that the COM port list doesn't refresh if you don't have your board attached before running the software. I'll get our software guy onto it.

    Cheers for pointing this out.
  3. I am having trouble getting the port list to refresh even if I have the control board (USB) cable attached and then launch the software. Any ideas?
  4. Michael Reed

    Michael Reed Staff Member

    EDIT: sorry, Greg - Disregard this reply and read the next.

    If you open your device manager (search 'device manager' in start menu) can you see the device appear/disappear as a numbered com port when you plug/unplug the arduino?

    If you can then when you run the ArC software, it should be available in the drop down menu.

    I assume you're still running windows 7 (and you mentioned previously that you installed the latest version of arduino to obtain the drivers?)
  5. Michael Reed

    Michael Reed Staff Member

    My apologies Greg, I mind blanked and thought you were Dave again for a second.

    Your problem will be that you are missing drivers for the arduino - unfortunately we neglected to include this in the assembly guide.

    In the mean time, read this post for what you need to do:
  6. Great. I'm going to give that a try. Thanks.

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