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Discussion in 'Community Support' started by thevoltmaster, Sep 20, 2014.

  1. You had mentioned that these were standard cartridges i could purchase in an office supply store. Can you share what kind of cartridges you use? I'd like to purchase a black cartridge for alignment.
  2. Michael Reed

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  3. Perfect! Thanks. Since I'm in the states, the difference in shipping makes buying original cartridges a wash. Plus, it looks like I can find magenta and CYAN cartridges in HP40 style which should allow for more precise calibration as well as fun colored silkscreens.
  4. Michael Reed

    Michael Reed Staff Member

    Hold off on the other cartridges!! Unfortunately hp manufactures the other colors with different internal mapping of pins. We presume this is to increase efficiency in their board lay out or something.

    But they WON'T work as standard in the Argentum mk-1. Only hp40 black cartridges will operate correctly.
  5. Copy that. I will NOT order those cartridges
  6. Well, when the black cartridge is empty, buy a refill kit of any color you want ... it might be mixed for some time, but after a couple of fills I would think it might run true.
  7. Michael Reed

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    Terry is correct but I would further recommend flushing the black ink out before using the refill kit as the black permeates surprisingly well.

    We've actually considered stocking different colour refill kits alongside our empty cartridge items but decided there wouldn't be any real demand. If anyone seeing this thread is interested in this, let us know.

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