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Discussion in 'Request a Feature' started by Erik de Bruijn, Jan 26, 2015.

  1. UI / ArC:
    • It would be great if "Process image" would work even if the printer isn't connected. There seems to be no logical reason why this isn't allowed.
    • Print should have an option of printing a layer serveral passes. If you want more conductivity, right now you have to manually repeat hitting "Print", right?

    • I'd like the printed to keep working when removing the SD card. This saves me from disconnecting, removing USB, removing and inserting flash card, reconnecting and recallibrating every time. I'm still in the alignment phase and I'm now spending an entire day plugging SD card, flash drive or USB cables.
    • White LED strip should be on by default
  2. I believe it stop between prints now because the rollers aren't operational yet, which would dry the print between passes automatically. The stop between passes is for you to mop up the excess water with paper towels, etc. Bit of a pain, but hopefully the rollers will be brought online soon, along with a "Print X Passes" button.
  3. Johns

    Johns Staff Member

    Hey Erik,

    Thanks for the request. We're working on a major overhaul at the moment. I'll see if I can get multiple layer printing and offline processing included. On the firmware side SDless printing is also something we're working on. LED strip on by default should be easy.

    Here's a quick sneak peak. You can always run the latest version of the software through github. Rollers should be now supported, though the feature has not been throughly tested. We should be releasing on the site later this week.

    Screen Shot 2015-02-01 at 1.18.13 pm.png

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